AIRSOFT: Take a hit and the only thing that will hurt is your pride.


Monday, August 28, 2006

UP DMZ 0826_06

Panoramic view of UP DMZ's skirmish place#1, lots of tires to hide at and the grasses are ideal for crawling around.

After emptying my magazines in a game, I needed to load up for the next game. Ammo? Nope, I mean FOOD! Got hungry.

Bistek with Dagrinch and Knifedge of SOE Force-1

Sunday, August 20, 2006

UP DMZ 0820_06

Matthew with Team Ghost of Makati during an AS game at UP DMZ sponsored by Team SOE F-1. This is Matthew's sneak peek of airsoft this is also my commander's first glimpse of actual AS play. Both of them enjoyed the scene specially Irene who I think is more excited than Matthew. hehehe. She was ecstatic upon seing bb's flying in all places and players scampering for cover.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Letting go of my hesitations, I braved the rain last Sunday afternoon to play AS on a new gamesite in Novaliches - Team Arrow's GS (generic name muna,no name yet for the site). This was once a big compound (it still is) housing the shoe maker giant Rubber World Philippines. Well my excitement was short lived due to the fact that just as I arrived at the gamesite a convoy of five cars were on its way out, and passing by, one of the guy in his car stop to tell me that game is cancelled and they'll be moving to UP Arbo. Wow! All the while I just got a text message from a certain Baurtwell that game is a "go" this afternoon. By the way he (Baurtwell) was the one who posted an invite at FAS for an AS game in RubberWorld. I told my co-players that I'll just hang a bit at the site to scout the place just to accomplish something worthwhile since I am already there. After roaming the place for a couple of minutes I decided to send a text message to Baurtwell to inform him that the game was cancelled. I got a quick reply. You know what his reply was?

"Sir, ganun ba?"

What the #$%*!!! He wasn't even there to oversee the event and he invited players to a game that I think he has no intention of participating in. Not good! Not good at all.

Monday, August 07, 2006

UP Arbo 0806-06

I finally made it to UP Arbo.

After so much thinking and failed attempts I am finally here.
Game host was Team OB/SD1 and the number of participants, almost a hundred (my wild guess based on the cars parked going inside UP Arbo and the cars lined on the service road beside the staging place itself) wow! That much but no TMS around. Kazmot of Team SOE was there pero lonewolf din siya, hehehe. Unfortunately we didn’t belong to the same team, I was deployed to Team A and Kazmot to Team B.

The staging place was so huge that it accomodated that much participants... sandamakmak ang superman at zombies na nakilaro , but then there is always that honest to goodness players na ideal to exchange bb's with... sino kaya yung mga yun? hehehe. But what I really miss during this times are my teamates. So hard to blend in to other team’s type of game more so when no strategy exist. Ang hirap ng lonewolf.

Hmmm... Come to think of it, so many participants attended the said game, and games are conducted almost everyweekend. And the place not like the Steel Mill which is cement and steel, UP Arbo is a living thing. Life is abundant in this place and are diverse. We run, we crawl, shoot bb’s at each other and we hit more than our opponents. Plants and other living things I am sure takes some significant hits also. The place is nice for game plays that I am sure but then again are we not disrupting the ecosystem of the place? Are we not destroying the place... slowly? I never wanted to see the sports I learned to love is the one to destroy the place I care. This is not good for the airsoft community. I just hope that players would be more mindful and more responsible when playing here. And I just hope that a part of the game fee we pay lands for the maintenance of the place, a significant amount that is.

Friday, August 04, 2006

tour of duty

(photo by Jon Urquico (Shaggi-TMS) and I did the BoB fx on it. btw, that's me in the picture during OPS Unity8)