AIRSOFT: Take a hit and the only thing that will hurt is your pride.


Monday, September 25, 2006

UP DMZ 0924_06

Games had to be moved from the Vanguard compound to the UP College of Fine Arts area due to numerous activities happening at the school ground that day. There was the Alumni Homecoming plus the sportfest activity at Vanguard and at the same time UAAP games are being held just accross the vicinity. Needless to say, we have to vacate the DMZ of any airsoft activities. The organizer, the SOE Force1, and a very good organizer they are, remedied the problem and were able to negotiate a place for the airsoft games - the UP College of Fine Arts compound.

As always, games at DMZ are fast, fun and friendly. A little CQB and open field skirmishes was the order of the day. G-man and Sharpnel of Combat Team Omega (CTO) provided some photo-ops.

And from my camera, that's me with my co-redteam players Jeff and Jimmy

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

UP DMZ 0910_06

Behind Enemy Lines

Game scenario is “attack & defend”. The group I am with is to defend and secure a 40ft. tower and prevent the attacking forces, a twelve-member assault group, from over running the said fortress. We are 8 in the squad, one, a sniper manning the top of the tower, five scattered below within the immediate vicinity of the tower, while me and a buddy is in the forward area of the tower to offer a first line of defense for the group. Two minutes into the game and I got a visual on three tangos on my twelve o'clock. I notify my buddy who is ten meters behind my back on my intention of sneaking near the enemy's position. After a go signal from my buddy, I crawled my way to my intended position which is about 50 meters of my nearest enemy. My buddy is poist to attack but decided not to as to not compromise his position early in the game. Now I am well under the shooting range of my M4 and also within the area of my enemy. The elements of surprise is still with me and three targets grouped together is literally an easy picking. Slowly, I squared off to get a shot but before I could acquire my target in my scope, bb's came flying towards my right side hitting me. Immediately I acknowledge the fact that I am hit by standing up and raising my weapon up in the air. My opponent in my far front was surprised to see me coming out. I walk toward one of the game marshalls who then asked which of my opponent got me? I told the marshall not them, pointing at my former targets, they did not fire a shot. Definitely not their teamates co'z they are too far from me to score a hit. Who then? Who else but our sniper on top. He waived at me after I stood up. SInce I am already in the enemy teritory, he must have tought I am one of enemy. e. e. e.

The Tower during the 0910-06 games at UP DMZ
Picture by Caimera of Team SOE-F1 from ACM proboard site