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Tuesday, January 27, 2009



The one hour and forty-five minutes flight from Manila to Hong Kong was filled to capacity. We were seated way back of PAL's A340, the no-frills zone, but no matter, just watching my kids - Matthew (the birthday boy) and Mico all excited of the trip is enough of a comfort. And the two doesn't care really of what's going on as long as they are seated beside the plane window.

Arriving in HK, the airport as expected is very clean and efficient. Already got my orientation on the do's and don'ts from the our certified biyaheros - Tin and Eric, who by the way became our tour guides during our stay - so my time with the customs officials is a breeze that I sometimes think, did they forget something?

We stayed in downtown Kowloon - Mong Kok, in a hostel that is near to just about everything - restos, the systematic bus stops, the crowded yet organized train stations, shops and their night market that sells so many cheap and cool stuffs! The weather is cold and nice and the people friendly most specially Mr. Stanley - owner of the hostel, whom is very accommodating and is always on hand every time you need something.

Naturally with us being in Hong Kong there was plenty of Chinese food on offer, but most of the time we went to McDonalds instead (hehe). It's interesting to see how these world wide stores differ from my country to this country that much to my surprise, Mcdo here does not offer rice.

So many things I still wanted to tell but no more! I will instead let a few of our photos tell the story itself.


additional photos courtesy of Eric Caranto, Tin Selda, Engr. Oscar Caranto and of course Matthew