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Thursday, December 21, 2006

A game with team CCAG

wow! surprise-surprise! what do you know? there is a playing site near my home which i knew just recently. how near? just a walking distance from our house... say 7 - 10 minutes walk? hehehe. that's beacause it is within the subdivision where i live!

it's a good thing i was able to glance upon the invite of sgt.rock (reggie) of team CCAG at the FAS forum. it says there, "new playing site near fairview" and upon inquiring about it, i found out it is a really "near" place! no long travel! no traffic! no worries on check points! no hussle! really convenient! and what's more? the team hosting the site is a very accomodating team, they are a team who doesn't believe that fire-power can do the trick but more of strategies. no wonder they bagged the first runner-up place in the recent Kalis VI. hooah!

and guess who came along to play with me?

my younger brother bhing. he enjoyed it a lot and it is definite that he will play again soon.