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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ash Wednesday


There was a man on his way home walking by a street noticed another man not afar from where he is. This man is down on his knees, weeping in front of a burnt house. Out of curiosity and as natural "usis" as we Pinoys are, the first man stopped and stood and observe the second man from afar. The man just kept on weeping and wailing, on his knees, he grabbed and hold some ashes, wet by his tears, and he then put it on his face. He continues to wail.

After awhile a third man came and noticed the first man watching the man in the burnt house. Again since usisero nga tayo, the first man asked the third man if he knows who that guy is and what happen and why is he in such pain.

"Well now you see," the third man answered, "that guy used to lived in that house, or what it used to be." He continued, " But for some reason, perhaps blinded by career, left his home, left his parents his family. For so many years he did not return. For so many years he was busy. And finally when he decided to return home - to asked his parents if he can sell the house so he can have extra money for his endeavors, that is what he saw. The remains of their burnt house and his family gone along with it."

Then they noticed the wailing man stood up and walk within the ruins as if he is looking for something. He then bent down and with his hands he hoisted what looks like a piece of stone from the rubbles put it within his chest and embraced it. Tears continue to fall.

"What is that?" asked the first man.

"It is a stutue of an angel." the third man replied. "From where that guy is standing, there used to be a small altar there. That is where they used to pray. When he was still a kid, that is where his mother used to bring him everytime he is sad. That is where his dad plays with him and carries him on his shoulder. Pity. Everything is all gone."

Silence broke for awhile then with a soft tone, the first man answered.

"No he did not lost everything, in fact, he just found his soul back."


A story part of the priest's sermon from the Ash Wednesday Mass I attended at GreenBelt Chapel yesterday night. It was told well by the presiding priest (i wasn't able to catch his name) and I am just sharing it to all.

photo from GettyImages, photographer: Dominic DiSala

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Campo Phoenix 09-0215


My first Sunday game at the site and it looks like my next game will still be on a Sunday. It is more convenient for me to sked my games this way - it's an advantage, I'll be spending more quality weekend time with Irene and the kids. And the guys- they are handling the game site well that I can even take a leave and not worry about anything. No problemo.

photo courtesy of Sir Kery DMC


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Al Padi - "The Nest"


Finally, I was able to set my feet on Al Padi - Antipolo. Originally it was a game site- Gotcha, meant for paintball but growing numbers of airsoft enthusiast made it also their home. The place is a huge complex rich in greenery and vegetations, steep slopes and lots of obstacle course both man-made and natural.

I need to be in Al Padi, It's a trip long over due and it's a commitment I need to settle. Comrade Horace will kill me if I don't show up. Kill me? Well, it's more like he is dying to see me! hehe. Peace comrade chief.

Special thanks to sir Ayie, ma'am Annie and the rest of Team BRAD for their kind accommodations. Free ride na, may dinner pa!

sir gary, me, pao, edong, victor, ma'am aleck, mac, ayie, ma'am annie and ma'am clair.

photo courtesy of Sir Scout of CCAG

Monday, February 02, 2009



The group finally got a home - Campo Phoenix.

Through the efforts of the whole team, lead by Jeff and Jeng as project and site coordinators, DMC now has it's own playing site.  Soft opening was last Jan.31 and Feb.01. Everything went well and smooth. Congratulations to team DMC.