AIRSOFT: Take a hit and the only thing that will hurt is your pride.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loyalty Betrayed

I am still numb up to now.
got hit by something I really don't know.
yet from the smell of it
you'll know it's more than just rotten fish.
something you wouldn't dare step onto,
but I just did!

no story to tell.
just words playing in my mind.
loyalty kept.
loyalty guarded.
in the end, loyalty betrayed.
during my tour, i've seen a lot of soldiers being left behind.
and we've left behind good soldiers.
now its my turn.
and they say they have to do this for them to survive.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zombie in the field

"Sir hit ka na!" a player shouting at another player, "ikaw! yung nasa puno hit ka na! kanina pa kita binabaril hit ka na!" he continued. Then he let loose some more bb's. "hit ka na sabi!" Then the player he allegedly shooting at replied, "sige na tumigil ka lang!" then that player stood up and move out towards the safe zone and to me. Its a newbie guy.

"Were you hit?" I asked.
The newbie replied "No!"
"Then why did you moved out?"
"Eh ang kulit nya! He kept on hit-calling eh hindi naman talaga ako tinatamaan! Di ba senior yun? He should have known better!"
Then this guy in the field continue to rant. "Hay naku puro zombie! Nakakasira ng laro!" He then stood up and in disgust fired shots in the air. And walks out towards his stuffs.

WTF! I recognized this guy! I just pumped three bb's on his chest during the morning scenario game. I cant forget that because he said "Sir! Its a friendly" and he continued his way through the bushes! I swear I got him on the chest, even though I did a blue-on-blue, he should have called hit. But he did not. And on that same scenario game, he was again in the receiving end when he exchanged bb's with an opponent (a visitor) whom he alleged as also a zombie. He got bb marks on him from that scene and I was saying to myself, he should have not gotten those bruises if in the first place he had called himself hit when I accidentally got him.

Picking up his things, I hear him say, "Makauwi na lang! Ang ganda-ganda ng airsoft nasisira lang sa mga zombie!" He got his stuffs carried it. On his way out of the Camp he continue his rant.

Man, talk about zombies!

Its a sad thing to see this kind of thing happen. But I really dont mind this guy leaving the Camp, I myself don't mind it all. For all you know, he could have done us a favor that day.

Salamat na rin sir.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Kudos to Team DMC

DMC came in full force last weekend for a Saturday game at the Camp. Alvin, Arvin, Melvin, Loloy, William, Dhudz, Ariel, Eric, Royce, Menrick, and Bing was there to amply beefed up the group. I tagged along with them and even co-commodered a successful mission game that morning. I've been hearing a lot of nice feedbacks on the group from CCAG vets and I for one admire the camaraderie and discipline the group (i've been with these guys even before their airsoft days) possesses in and out of the playing field. And during a private game with them yesterday (Sunday), Eric announced a very good news for the team from CCAG, I won't divulge anything in here except that it is a GOOD NEWS! You guys from DMC knows what it is. Kudos to you comrades! (hoy eric! mag pa-cheese burger ka naman!)
Me and Joner of CCAG with DMC's Dhudz, Jeff, Janno, Emil, Loloy, Ariel, Melvin and Arvin at the Camp.
Photo courtesy of Eric.