AIRSOFT: Take a hit and the only thing that will hurt is your pride.


Monday, May 26, 2008

NC Send-Off Lunch/Boodle Fight

May 24, 2008. Saturday. NorthCamp recently held a boodle fight/send-off lunch for two of it's most respected leaders - Fr. Bong "BlackPope" Turingan and Giovan "BrokenArm" Paz who will for now be on an indefinite leave. Giovan will be migrating to the States while Fr. Bong will be preparing for his coming ordination. Their presence will be truly miss by the NorthCamp family.

BlackPope and BrokenArm

additional photo courtesy of Eric "Kerygmatic" Adug

Monday, May 19, 2008

My sweet surrender

Hello all. Did not play AS this weekend, but I went to NC to take a look at Alvin's very first AS game and to know how it went. And while I was listening to their story someone broke a question addressed to me.

"Why did you surrender?"

He was pointing out a game we had almost a month ago (naalala pa nya yun!) wherein the only one left to defend our base is me up against five or more Neps advancing to where my position is. And from where I am, I could have given them a good fire fight and I could easily taken down at least two of them with me. However, it was easy to recognized it was a no-win scenario, that is why I did not. And before things get chaotic, I stood up to reveal myself, I hold up my weapon and I walked out. Whether I stood my ground or not, to me it is still a form of surrender in one way or another.

My answer, "I dont wanna hurt no body and i don't wanna get hurt either. That is why I surrender."

And in my mind I whispered, "...more than anything else, I dont wanna give them the GLORY of they, hitting me..."


Monday, May 12, 2008

We lost a comrade

Just awhile ago I received a text message from Tin (Tintoot TMS) saying that a TMS teammate of ours past away this morning. Our good friend Mark Franco (RB/ragingbull) died due to complications from the gallbladder operations he underwent.

Mark Franco -RagingBull, a friend and teammate, warrior and a gentleman. We will truly miss you good buddy.

"The world will be a lesser place because of Mark's passing but heaven will be graced by his presence." -Art TMS

Mark Franco June 6, 1978 - May 12, 2008

Photo courtesy of Jon TMS

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A piece of feast

I still have a bit of hangover from all the drink i have to take down, its fiesta and you couldn't get away with it. I don't usually go to the extreme when I drink but this one is an exception. So I say. hehe. Today's Fiesta celebration was a far a lot better than recent fiestas we have in the Village thanks to brother Dhudz and his rug-tag-team (kami!) in making the celebration a truly wonderful event. No thanks to the people who did not believe in Dhudz and abandoned him in this undertaking. Iwan ba naman sya sa ere kung kailan mainit ang labanan? Tama ba naman yun?

One word I need to say - amazing! And thanks bro for making everything alright!

No rain. Just cool fine weather.

and last, but not the least... to all those great moms out there...

To the world you might just be one person...
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2nd Sean Blademaster Unity Game

10 May 2008, Saturday
Team SOE christened it "BASRA" - and it is a very huge abandoned compound beside UP arboretum.
mout, urban, cqb, jungle in one site.

Bistek with ma'am Scorpy of team SOE

Saturday, May 03, 2008

As all bb's sting

Got a bruised on my right index finger from a game awhile ago and I swear I wont be able to squeezed the trigger for a couple of days. Not with my trigger finger anyway. Good thing is, I can still type on my keyboard (I need to, I brought home some office works) and that is enough reason to blog about. hehe. I've been hit many times before but this is the first time on my hand. After hearing an AEG went off from a distance, I felt a stinging sensation on my hand. I took my right glove off to see what happened. A bruised the size of a 6mm. bb immediately immerges, there is blood but since the skin didn't break it is still tucked underneath it. And later I had to popped it out to clean it. Nasty!

Sometimes I am having second thoughts on why am I playing this sports. And everytime that question comes into mind, I always have a quick answer - "WHY NOT?" haha!

While I am writing this blog, I am holding Mico with my left hand while my right is the one pushing the keys. Irene dear is out, her turn for her sports recreation and my turn to baby sit. Now that is what I call team work.

By the way, it rained during our game.