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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sat: 7am: Drove wifey to her scheduled group recollection. 8am Went out to canvass for hardware to buy steel tubulars for our garage roofing project. 10am: Found a suitable hardware and ordered the materials for a Tuesday morning delivery. 10:30, sent the car for a carwash. 11am, went home to fetch Mico for his regular medical check-up. 1pm, fetch Matthew from school. 2pm, worked on my wedding gift for Omel and Kitty. 4pm, fetch Mr.Katits and proceeded to Paco Park to attend the wedding. 6:30pm, wedding, 8pm, reception. 10pm, we went home. 12midnight, went to Alvin (wifey's cousin) and took GranMa out. And finally, me, home at around 2am.

Sun: 9am, we went to church. 10:30, brunch at Chowking. 11:30, went to Tandang Sora to get the t-shirt I ordered from a friend. Heavy traffic. Got home at around 1:45pm. 2pm we went to Jollibee Zabarte for my inaanak's birthday party. 3pm, we went to Cubao for Tita Babes' birthday salu-salo. 7pm, watch SM Fairview firework display. 7:30, we went to Diamond to visit Irene's parents, to let them see their apos - Mico and Matthew. 9:30pm, we went home. wow!

Happy. andami ko nagawa.