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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

Dad played Santa for us. Agot Brix, Raphael and Matthew couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Santa actually coming down from upstairs. Hohoho!

Breakfast at Bloomfilelds

Mom and Dad on vacation and I invited them to have breakfast in Bloomfilelds. Anne and Bhing tagged along with Agot and Raphael.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

NorthCamp 1215_07

This could be my last game for 2007 and what a run it has been. Met new friends, renewed old acquaintances and proved being a lonewolf isn't at all such a bad idea. My teammates from TMS (Team Mission Specific) is on a hiatus for sometime now and i am still waiting for them to play soon.

TMS during the 2005 Operation Unity

The NorthCamp, my home each and every playing date for almost two years now has somehow provided a haven to dealt with my craving for airsoft. Spear heading the management of the site and it's avid followers is the triumvirate leadership of Horace, Giovan and Reggie of Team CCAG/Sat Group. Through their guidance, players grew from a humble 12 to a responsible 50 as an average count every playing date. Player discipline is high on the list something that other playing site can only dream of.

The NC Fellowship Day (Dec15'07) is a fitting event to capped NorthCamp's success for the year 2007. Regular game was held and after that, just on the onset of dusk, bonfire was held complete with food and drink plus plenty of laughter and a lot of cheers. And this was captured through the lens of Dennis Magdamo, a professional photographer, a friend and comrade from the advertising world.

Me, Dennis and Horace

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Camp Malauk 1202_07

Scheduled commitments is the main reason why I wasn't able to attend the Saturday gathering at the NorthCamp but that also prompted me to make good of my promise to Merdoc to visit his Camp before the year ends, so Sunday came and off to Camp Malauak I went. Grabe! Ang lawak talaga. Sayang cp camera lang ang dala ko kaya hindi ko nakunan ng litrato yung lugar.

Lunchbreak with team Talahib.
(photo courtesy of team Talahib)