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Monday, September 22, 2008

NC@2 and a Swan dance

Crazy weekend we had, but it was fun! NorthCamp celebrated its 2nd year with everything green and black. More than 70 players came to play and celebrate, more than we expected, none the less the food for the boodle fight was more than enough with plenty to spare. Problem is, the table we prepared came way too short and we had to resort to paper plates instead of the spreaded banana leaves.

My long time team buddy from TMS Chris "WildSwan" Avellana came in to play and just like the good old days we did the TMS run! GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN GOOD BUDDY!

Chris and I played along side the "men in black" - NC's DMC group.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kay L A G A L [ O G ] Tayo!

Going through Oggie's L A G A L [ O G ] blog is like reading National Geographic; great write ups and amazing images! This guy got talents, LAGAL[OG] deserves to win.