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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I finally caught the iGoogle ghost

Never knew such a "ghost" existed until I came across a blog telling about the iGoogle ghost. Here is the link to that blog:

And the screenshots I took to capture my iGoogle ghost. You can see the date and time when the screenshot was taken.

NorthCamp Zabarte Aug25'07

It's my fifth time and 4th consecutive game here at CCAG's NorthCamp Zabarte. Game here starts early at 10am and I was in for it. I was also able to snap a few photos that morning, and since ako yung kumukuha ng picture, syampre wala ako sa eksena. Haha! My score that day 7 kills including 1 knifekill... unfortunately I was also a victim of a friendly fire that morning. I didn't stay for the afternoon game because of the rain.

The pictures. Enjoy!

The gathering.

Horace giving some pointers to a kid participant.

Gearing up for the attack.

Reggie giving final instructions to the assault squad.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sleep Over

haha! matthew's cousins chin, brix and raphael went
to bloomfields for their turn for a sleep over. it
was a long weekend for everybody and sure enough they
make good used of it even though it was only an
overnight stay at our home.

here is an mtv style video of their stay.