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Monday, April 20, 2009

DMC @ G9


Finally, DMC visited Ground-9 at Del Rey-III in Tandang Sora, and met with old time friend RedHorce (Horace). The troop was preparing for this even before the Lent Season and was excited to see G9 for the first time and to renew acquaintances with our comrades from CCAG, the host team. This would be my second visit to G9, my first trip here was after the Lent and I did it as a lonewolf. Now, in my return, as I promised comrade Horace, I would be with the pack.

The games, as expected went well. Even though it was the first time for the guys to step inside G9, they performed well and beyond what I expected of them - they have outdone themselves. I dont need to say this but, the troops love the site. This just show how much the boys miss NC and everything that makes NC a NC.

DMC with Comrade RedHorce, Chief of Ground-9 Del Rey.

Me and comrade Duks taking a needed rest after a recon patrol at sector4 of G9 pursuing illegal loggers.

additional photos courtesy of sir rchie and sir kery.