AIRSOFT: Take a hit and the only thing that will hurt is your pride.


Monday, June 19, 2006

MyFirstKnife-Kill (my game sa UP)

Ah... let me set things straight. when i said my first knife-kill, what i meant was, i was the one who was knife-killed in a game. hehehe. in airsoft, or me in particular, i have an insight that just to wear your airsoft uniform and gears, you can consider half of your day as complete. but if you were able to play airsoft without hazzle, your whole day is considered complete. and in a game you were able to score a kill, wow, that is a bonus. but for an opponent, to score a knife-kill on you, that is a #!!)+?%&@!!... hehehe. six hits in six games all erased by a single kill. but what the heck! i enjoyed the game and that is what i think is the most important. by the way, i was a pinch-in player for this all-bicolano squad from makati during that game. to those gentleman from bicol, whooohoaaa!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Vanguard UP Diliman 0517_06

Not having the convenience of a team as a company... more so, i wasn't able to inform my good buddy wildswan of my plan (there was actually no plan to play) to play airsoft... i was awake very early on a fine saturday morning due to a weekend sked with my base commander (my wife) that didn't push through. hindi mapakali. nag iisip ng gagawin. sakto! meron game sa UP DIliman hosted by SOE-Force1, new game site! malapit lang! mabinyagan nga!

so there, a lonewolf for a day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

TMS at SteelMill 0527-06

it's nice to play again with the team. picture courtesy of Tintin Molina (tintoot)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

SteelMill 0527-06

I was hidden behind this metal wall, primary weapon out - no ammo. in a prone position i put my m4 down when suddenly a figure emerges 15 ft. in front of me and hid behind this huge conveyor thing. not letting go of the conveyor on my sight, i immedietely pulled out my pistol out of my drop-down holster, and i knew in an instant that there was something wrong with the pistol now i am holding... this thing is light and it has an unfamiliar feel on the grip. it is definitely not the hicapa 4.3 i knew i brought with me. and even without looking at it, i knew this was the teka-teka pistol i use to drag along during games “para dagdag porma”. suddenly the figure behind the conveyor popped out but was turned away from where i was hiding and so i realized he doesn’t know an enemy is just in front of him. with no primary weapon and an unreliable secondary weapon on my hand, i knew i was in trouble, but i had to do what i am supposed to do. in a quick move, i came out of hiding, revealed myself with my pistol up and aimed at my opponent i foolishly pulled the trigger 3 times in quick succession. a thug of sound instead of a load burst was heard and a bb, just one lonely bb came out of the nozzle and this bb landed in front of my opponent. a moment of silence grip the two of us while we stared at the motionless bb on the ground. the next best thing to do in this kind of scenario - LAUGH! and laugh we did.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Timberland 0513-06

After two years being a MIA guy, i finally decided to exchange bb's again with my friends in uniform. it's a decision my buddy wildswan and i made after so many attempt to play but for some reason wasn't able to.

we are now on a go. no busted batteries will stop us. no mislead directions will hinder us. no one can stop us, not the wife, not the kid, not the cops at the checkpoints, not even a storm... yes a storm, we decided to play even when typhoon caloy is just above us!

and with team SOE’s invitation we went to timberland heights in san mateo, rizal, a 677 hectare of green lush surroundings, with an elevation twice that of antipolo city. and with it’s slopey hills, it is really a hikers delight and a sniper’s haven, hehehe. and as stormtrooper pointed out, “there’s a storm but we are here, so might as well play.” and play we did! with wind blowing in excess of 70km/hr., we brave each and everyone else’s bbs. it was a blast of fun playing under the storm.

merienda time was also challenging. just imagine yourself holding your plate of pansit with a tasty-bread to go along, syempre meron ka din hawak na baso ng sofdrinks then attempting to take a bite on your food with wind blowing right in your face na parang naka full power na heavy duty electric fan. hehehe... now that is what i call a blast!

and so the day begun with a storm, it ended with a storm... of light that is. grabe, ganda ng view from atop sa gabi (no pictures, camera low-bat). ayos ang game! masarap ang merienda! new experience ang bagyo! salamat SOE at sa lahat ng nakalaro namin! whoooa! invite nyo ulit kami.