AIRSOFT: Take a hit and the only thing that will hurt is your pride.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sat: 7am: Drove wifey to her scheduled group recollection. 8am Went out to canvass for hardware to buy steel tubulars for our garage roofing project. 10am: Found a suitable hardware and ordered the materials for a Tuesday morning delivery. 10:30, sent the car for a carwash. 11am, went home to fetch Mico for his regular medical check-up. 1pm, fetch Matthew from school. 2pm, worked on my wedding gift for Omel and Kitty. 4pm, fetch Mr.Katits and proceeded to Paco Park to attend the wedding. 6:30pm, wedding, 8pm, reception. 10pm, we went home. 12midnight, went to Alvin (wifey's cousin) and took GranMa out. And finally, me, home at around 2am.

Sun: 9am, we went to church. 10:30, brunch at Chowking. 11:30, went to Tandang Sora to get the t-shirt I ordered from a friend. Heavy traffic. Got home at around 1:45pm. 2pm we went to Jollibee Zabarte for my inaanak's birthday party. 3pm, we went to Cubao for Tita Babes' birthday salu-salo. 7pm, watch SM Fairview firework display. 7:30, we went to Diamond to visit Irene's parents, to let them see their apos - Mico and Matthew. 9:30pm, we went home. wow!

Happy. andami ko nagawa.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Back at the range, LHS that is.


Archery LHS Oct31- A couple of trainees preparing to shoot their arrows at the 20 meter line during their warm up session. I took the photo standing at the 30 meter line and after that took my turn to try my skills from that distance. Grabe! My first time to release an arrow from that distance, kabado and excited! Mahirap. And these guys later on did it on 50, 60 meters at ease and continued their session (qualifying) even in the rain. Coach Neng Buenaventura told me, on occasions during outdoor competitions, they have to shoot arrows come rain or shine. 


Waiting for dad


Mico thought balloon:

Thanks mom for setting me on the grocery pushcart...  kung hindi, mangawit ako nakatayo dyan... at tsaka pagod na ako kakatakbo hehehe...  I am sure pati si kuya napagod kakahabol sa akin.  Antagal naman ni daddy, sabi kukunin lang car, ba't wala pa hanggang ngayon?  I know, and I am sure... nakalimutan nanaman ni dad kung saan nya nai-park yung car. hehehe...


Monday, October 26, 2009

Shooting arrows at home


Mico's 2nd Birthday


Many thanks to Mico's Lolos and Lolas, the Titos and Titas, Kuyas and Ates, Mico's playmates and just about everyone and syempre Fr. Toni Galvan. Thank you all for making Mico's birthday a joy to remember. - Bong&Irene


Sunday, October 04, 2009

what a RELIEF!


Oplan Blue Bayanihan: Building Lives Beyond Relief
Ateneo de Manila University's way of helping those victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.
ADMU, Sunday-4Oct. -Tita Bons, Alma, Eric and Tin, Bong and Irene.

Photo: Christine Selda

Monday, September 14, 2009

Black and Blue


Those are not hit marks from bb's but rather from bow string. Last weekend I started my archery classes and those bruises they say are common to beginners. 

They gave me an arm guard but that did not do much.  It's not the arm guard but my shooting style that's at fault. Umpisa pa lang naman.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NC lost its smile


No more Smiley.

Yup, May is the new site keeper for NC. I had a chat with her the last time I visited the place. She even gave me a tour, I told her I knew the place very well and that I used to play a lot of airsoft here and Smiley is a friend. Sabi nya barkada nya rin si Raymond and she begun to elaborate Smiley's last days in NC. Same thing comrade Longrifle wrote - that Smiley lose its ways.

I told May that Raymond also spent some of his time with our group during his better days. Sabi ko sa kanya kasa-kasama namin sya sa Diamond pag meron mga ukasyon. Dinadalhan din namin sya ng pagkain sa kubo nya paminsan-minsan pag hindi sya nagpapakita sa grupo. A friend of ours offered him a small job in his canteen but it did not work. We hired Smiley to man our playing site Campo Phoenix on Sundays but that too did not work for him. The man did try to pick pieces of what is left of his life after NC but a lot of things are just too hard for him accept. He got frustrated with life and begun to lose his grip on it.

Hindi na sya nagpapakita sa tropa, ibang tropa na pinupuntahan nya. Puro balita na lang ang dumadating sa amin, madalas hindi pa maganda.

Up to this day I haven't heard a news about our friend. North Camp has lost its smile.

Smiley (in red) with the troop during his birthday.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sponge Bob Matt

SpongeBob - Matthew's costume that I made from an old Balikbayan box and some color cartolina.  Got the idea from Rem's SpongeBob outfit.  
It was an instant hit during Trizzia's 7th birthday celebration that after the party, everybody wants their picture taken together with SpongeBob Matthew.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Farewell to Cory

"Today our country has lost a mother, a woman of both strength and graciousness."


The quote I used on the top of this post is from the very person whom I took part in ousting from the Presidency and succeeded. He did not finish his term.

That message just shows how high a respect this lady earned throughtout her lifetime as a leader, which I can only wish for to our current.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Farm Town


After almost a month now since planting my first crop, my farm has prospered so much that I was able to acquire a 18x18 farm, buy a small house and a red barn, and three dogs and three dog houses to go with it. It's addictive playing this game and sorta relaxing staring at what you have accomplished. To date, it's only the second video game me and Irene enjoy playing together. The first, Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear series. (anlayo! lol)

Happy planting everyone!

My Farm at Farm Town.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ThreeSixty Design, Inc. 3rd Anniv


ThreeSixty Design, Inc. celebrated it's 3rd year anniversary last June 16 with a Mass at St. Andrew's Church in Makati then the group had it's lunch of seafoods at Aling Tonya's in Dampa seaside Macapagal Blvd. and strolled the day away at the MOA.  This month also marked my sixth month with the company.


photos courtesy of sophie, yvette and lee.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cheat and not be seen.


Cheat and not be seen? 
Well its like dipping your foot in a pond and thinking it wont get wet. 

A lot can be said about this topic but I'll just leave the rest of it to you guys to share.

Okey, let me put it this way. Airsoft is like life itself. We as players has a role to play and a mission to accomplish. It is not important how many times "you" are successful, but what is important is how you attain that success. Did you cheat?

If you cheat in airsoft, chances are, you are also a cheat in real life. More often than not, a persons attitude in a game reflects his true attitude in real life. Kung madaya ka sa loob, sigurado madaya ka rin sa labas. Ikaw ba gusto mo rin dinadaya ka?

You can say, "kaya naman ako nandaya kasi madaya rin sila!" if this would be the case, better if you stop playing airsoft kasi dagdag ka lang sa pasaway. Try to be honest, practice honesty always. If you are not honest in life at least you have a chance to start it out in airsoft. Malay mo mag tuluy-tuloy yun, hanggang sa tutoong buhay, di ba maganda? Practice!

Off topic but I want to point this thing out specially to newbies. (yung mga veterans hindi na, kasi matatanda na kayo alam nyo na'to! o dapat alam nyo na to? hehe.)

Leave the "QUOTA NA!" attitude behind. (hit scoring).

This attitude most of the time leads to ego trippings that leads to cheating. It does not show a players game improvement. It does not show anything at all. In airsoft, skill wise, it doesn't prove anything. I use to count hits myself and rate my game with it. Sa totoo lang, masarap sa bibig pero masakit sa tenga ng iba. This I realize when I heard the same words from the lips of a fellow player, a newbie, mas masakit sa tenga coming from vets. Okey, I will open up a secret, the troop I am with know this very well and I am gonna share it with you. If ever you happen to chance upon me in a game and I greeted you, "sir, quota ka na ba?". Mind you, don't take it as a compliment, rather, it was meant to accuse. Read between the lines and you'll know what I mean. Pinakawalan ko ito so many times na, wala lang, yung mga nasabihan ko ngumiti lang. Ngek!

How about this, how about instead of counting your hits in a day's game, why not count how many new friends you make during that day. I think one new friend is a lot better than ten "quota" hits. Think.

I'll borrow what my good friend said, Anthony of Team OZ, to sum this thing up. 

"I use the FUN METER and not a score card.Skill wise, nothing to prove here."

And from comrade Horace, allow me to repeat it again.

"What counts is integrity. Skills are way down the ladder and fat egos are excess luggage."

happy hunting everyone.


This topic is started by Horace (cs RedHorse) at the CCAG Board:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

She's Back!


After getting ruined by a battery leak due to a lot of carelessness on my part, my four year old Hitec Optic - 6 is back. Many thanks to Anthony Ballesteros of Bullet Hobby (Pasig), who also consults for Hitec RCD Philippines who made it possible in making my tx up and running again. Many offered their help when I posted a thread at RC Philippines regarding my transmitter and I am thankful for that, among them is Bong de Leon Ko (cs BravoKilo) who's blog I am also following. Pretty nice community up there.  

Well, it looks like I am back to flying again.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini Fiesta Palaro Pambata 2009

Team DMC lead last weekend's Mini Fiesta Palaro Pambata during the fiesta celebration of Diamond Village. Everybody enjoyed the event, all-in-all more than 15 traditional games were played, the kids had lots of fun and it was a resounding success for everybody. See you again next year. Many thanks to Alma, Ning, Deo, Brian, Potski, Rupert, Edwin, Marlon and the whole Delta MerCs family.

photo courtesy of sir kery. additional photo by ning adug.


While Waiting for Players...


we climbed trees...

still no players... we took our lunch.

still no players... we took a dip in the pool.

night time still no players... so we decided to take Miguel and GrandMa out. haha!

photo courtesy of sir kery

Monday, April 20, 2009

DMC @ G9


Finally, DMC visited Ground-9 at Del Rey-III in Tandang Sora, and met with old time friend RedHorce (Horace). The troop was preparing for this even before the Lent Season and was excited to see G9 for the first time and to renew acquaintances with our comrades from CCAG, the host team. This would be my second visit to G9, my first trip here was after the Lent and I did it as a lonewolf. Now, in my return, as I promised comrade Horace, I would be with the pack.

The games, as expected went well. Even though it was the first time for the guys to step inside G9, they performed well and beyond what I expected of them - they have outdone themselves. I dont need to say this but, the troops love the site. This just show how much the boys miss NC and everything that makes NC a NC.

DMC with Comrade RedHorce, Chief of Ground-9 Del Rey.

Me and comrade Duks taking a needed rest after a recon patrol at sector4 of G9 pursuing illegal loggers.

additional photos courtesy of sir rchie and sir kery.

Monday, March 23, 2009



After a regular game at the Campo, got a chance to celebrate with the troop - DMC, their first year anniversary as an airsoft team yesterday at the Mansion. It was a simple gathering, the troop did a fast potluck for a "bilao" of pansit, a couple of lechon manok and I think there was a liempo too somewhere. hehe.

Eric, cs-kery, delivered his congratulatory remark to the troop after that, those with something to say, shared a story or two to tell, livening up the Sunday night. Of course there are plenty of drinks too. That is something that will never go out.

Congratulations to team DMC!


(photo coutesy of Kerygmatic)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009