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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NC lost its smile


No more Smiley.

Yup, May is the new site keeper for NC. I had a chat with her the last time I visited the place. She even gave me a tour, I told her I knew the place very well and that I used to play a lot of airsoft here and Smiley is a friend. Sabi nya barkada nya rin si Raymond and she begun to elaborate Smiley's last days in NC. Same thing comrade Longrifle wrote - that Smiley lose its ways.

I told May that Raymond also spent some of his time with our group during his better days. Sabi ko sa kanya kasa-kasama namin sya sa Diamond pag meron mga ukasyon. Dinadalhan din namin sya ng pagkain sa kubo nya paminsan-minsan pag hindi sya nagpapakita sa grupo. A friend of ours offered him a small job in his canteen but it did not work. We hired Smiley to man our playing site Campo Phoenix on Sundays but that too did not work for him. The man did try to pick pieces of what is left of his life after NC but a lot of things are just too hard for him accept. He got frustrated with life and begun to lose his grip on it.

Hindi na sya nagpapakita sa tropa, ibang tropa na pinupuntahan nya. Puro balita na lang ang dumadating sa amin, madalas hindi pa maganda.

Up to this day I haven't heard a news about our friend. North Camp has lost its smile.

Smiley (in red) with the troop during his birthday.


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